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Priory PE and Sport Premium Funding

What is the PE & Sport Funding?

The Government has provided additional funding for schools, since 2013, to improve the quality of PE and sport they offer. This funding is jointly provided by the Departments for Education, Health and Culture, Media and Sport. This year the sum has been doubled and the Sugar Tax is also used for funding.  Priory receives £16,000 plus an additional £10 per pupil in Year 1 to Year 6. Schools must use the funding to make additional and sustainable improvements to the quality of PE and sport they offer.

This means that you should use the premium to:

  • develop or add to the PE and sport activities that your school already offers
  • make improvements now that will benefit pupils joining the school in future years

Click here for the Department for Education link to the Primary School’s Sport Funding page.

Funding allocation for 2017/2018: £18,900

How will we be spending the PE & Sports Funding and who will benefit?

Our Objectives:

  • To provide a wider range of PE and sports available in school.
  • To provide a range and increased participation in before and after school clubs.
  • To provide a wider range and increased access to Level 2 competitions in a variety of sports.
  • To provide a minibus to ensure participation in events and competitions across the City.
  • To establish a system for measuring the fitness of pupils, tracking improvements and targeting any key

groups and areas.

  • Pupils who need to increase activity levels are given the chance to participate against others of a similar

ability and potential

  • Greater confidence in planning and delivery of PE lessons (CPD and Scheme of Work) – All areas of

the PE curriculum are at least good.

  • Increased Daily Physical Activity (DPA) for all pupils through the Golden Mile and improvements to

outdoor facilities (dependent on additional funding).

Main spending:

  • Premier Sport affiliation- Premier Sport are being used in order to help improve staff confidence in teaching PE. They will be delivering high quality CPD based on surveys conducted on the staff. Furthermore they will also be offering a wide range of Level 2 competitions, based on sports which the children would otherwise not have the chance to participate in.
  • PE subject leader CPD
  • Premiership Clubs- children will have access to a wider range of clubs
  • Mini bus to help children get to the Level 2/3 competitions.
  • Development of outdoor space.
  • Purchase Power of PE scheme to help teachers with planning. 


CPD for teachers

Staff should feel more confident when teaching PE, as a result this will mean higher attainment and higher quality PE sessions. This will be sustained in house as if teachers need to focus on a specific area, there are teachers in the school more capable of sharing good practise.

Increased participation in competitions

The purchase of the minibus has increased the participation in competition this year, this will be sustained next year as the school council are conducting regular fund raising activities to maintain the bus. Furthermore the PE lead is trying to get other people involved in taking children to events, thus promoting level two activities in more year groups.

Development of outdoor space

Additional resources will enable us to continue to offer pupils the opportunity to be actively involved in DPA. Thus promoting their health and well-being.  The Golden Mile and Sports Leaders have also been imbedded throughout school to increase the amount of DPA; this will be sustained as the new sports leaders train future leaders.

Increased participation in Clubs

As the parents pay for the Premiership Clubs, these will continue into next year. However we aim to increase clubs further, by encouraging staff to offer sports club as part of their designated hours, thus promoting more DPA as a part of the school day.

Impact of spending evidence – Updated April 2018:

CPD for teachers

A key achievement so far this year would be the high quality CPD which teachers have been able to be a part of.  Based on surveys completed in school, we have been able to find out key target areas for PE, thus directing the teachers onto courses which will be of most benefit to them.

Increased participation in competitions

As a result of using some of our budget towards a mini bus, we have been able to participate in more competitions than last year including Rugby, Laser Tag and Hi- five Netball. Having compared our participation to last year, there has been a significant increase in participation. During Autumn Term in 2016 we had 20 children taking part in level two competitions; whereas in 2017, 113 children took part in level 2 competitions. During Spring Term 2017, 58 children took part in level two competitions; whereas during 2018, 88 children participated in level two competitions.

Increased participation in Clubs

More children have been able to take part in clubs this year due to the affiliation with Premier Sport. Teachers themselves have also ran clubs, meaning that the children can try to develop a wide range of different skill sets while at Priory. Children have taken part in Martial Arts, Bubble Sports, Laser Tag and these are all sports which were not available last year. During Autumn Term there was a total of 138 children participating in clubs: 90 boys and 48 girls, however during Spring Term we saw a significant increase in girl’s participation which has been a target as a school. During Spring Term, 135 children took part in clubs: 51 boys and 84 girls; this is a significant increase in girl’s participation.

Increased fitness

There has been a drive to improve fitness this year with children taking part in the Golden Mile on a regular basis with the help of the Sports Ambassadors. Furthermore the new additions to the playground (scheduled for summer 2018) will also help to improved fitness, with a focus on purchasing gym based apparatus. Additionally the school has set up a dojo system for healthy choices, this is to encourage healthy choices, with the children being rewarded for the choices they make.

Increased girls participation

Based on research conducted on our clubs, we recognised that girl’s participation was an issue. As a result, we targeted girl’s participation in clubs and level 2 sports and these have increased greatly this year as shown in our clubs analysis document.  In Autumn 2016, 25 girls took part in level two competitions, whereas in 2017, 35 girls took part in level two competitions. During Spring Term 2017, 10 girls took part in level two competitions; whereas in 2018, 19 girls took part in level two competitions. This shows a significant increase in the amount of children participating in level two competitions.

Y6 Swimming attainment

96% of Year 6 have achieved age related expectations in Swimming, this is as a result of the extra swimming sessions booked to help push the children to EXS.

Sporting Achievements 2018-19


Sporting Achievements Autumn 1 2018

Sporting Achievements 2017-18 

Priory Cross Country Team

Football Development Team

Stoke Town 7 A-Side Football Tournament Winners

Cross Country Team Update

Stoke Town Tag Rugby Winners

Laser-Tag Competition

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