Accessibility Plan 2018-21 Updated 2019

Admissions Policy 2018-20

Animals and Pets 2019-2021

Anti-bullying Policy 2019-20

Antibullying policy RRS Squad Nov 2019

Art Design Policy Spring 2019-21

Assessment Policy 2019-21

Asthma Policy 2020-22

Attendance & Punctuality 2019-21

Behaviour Policy 2019-21

Calculation Policy 2018-20

CCTV Policy 2018-20

Charging and Remissions 2019-21

Child Protection & Safeguarding 2019-20

CiC or LAC policy 2018-20

Collective Worship 2018-20

Complaints 2018-20

Computing Policy Spring 2019-21

Data Protection Policy 2018-20

Design & Technology Policy Spring 2019-21

Drug and Alcohol Education Policy Spring 2019-21

Early Reading & Phonics Spring 2019-21

Early Years 2018-20

Educational Visits Policy 2019-21

Emergency Procedures 2018-20

English Policy 2019-21

Equality policy 2019-20

E-Safety Policy 2019-20

Extra Curricular Activities 2020-22

First Aid Policy 2020-22

Forest School Handbook 2019-2021

Freedom of Information 2018-20

Geography Policy Spring 2019-21

Gritting Spring 2020-22

Health and Safety Policy 2018-20

Healthy Eating Autumn 2019-21

History Policy Spring 2019-21

Home Learning 2019-21

Inclusion Policy 2018-21

Initial Teacher Training Spring 2020-22

Intimate Care Autumn 2018-20

Lettings 2019-21

Lost Children Summer 2019-21

Marking and Feedback Policy 2018-20

Maths Policy 2018-20

Medical Conditions & Medication 2020-22

Music Policy 2019-21

PE Policy Spring 2019-21

Presentation and Handwriting Policy 2019-21

PREVENT policy 2020-22

Primary Languages Policy Spring 2019-21

PSHE Policy Spring 2019-21

Pupil Premium 2018 – 2020

RE Subject Policy Spring 2019-21

Records Management and Retention Policy 2018-20

Relationships Policy Spring 2019-21

School Uniform 2018-20

Science Policy Spring 2019-21

SEMH Policy 2019-21

SEND policy March 2020 – 2022

SMSC & British Values Policy Summer 2019-21

Sun Safety Policy Summer 18-20

Teaching and Learning Policy 2019-21

Unacceptable Behaviour of Visitors 2018-20

Use of Devices Policy 2018-20

Work Placements & Volunteers Autumn 2018-20

Latest News:

9 Mar 2020

March Newsletter

Please click on the link below to view our latest Newsletter. http://www.prioryceprimary.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/Newsletter-March-2020.pdf

22 Jan 2020

January Newsletter

Please click on to the heading of this post to view our latest newsletter. http://www.prioryceprimary.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/Newsletter-January-2020.pdf

21 Jan 2020

Coming Soon….. Family Links Nurturing Programme

Family Links Nurturing Programme is designed to help you deal with the challenges of family life. We will be hosting an information session about the 10 week course which we will be offering to parents/carers, from the end of February. …Continue reading

21 Jan 2020

Time4Sport Half Term Camp

Time 4 Sport February Half Term Kids Camp will run from Monday 17th to Friday 21st February. Time 4 Sport camps are the perfect place for your children to have fun, be safe, learn, and stay fit and healthy in …Continue reading

21 Jan 2020

Accelerated Reader ‘Word Millionaires’

We are pleased to announce that this year our Accelerated Reader ‘Word Millionaires’ will be sponsored by Tinsdills Solicitors, a local firm who support individuals, families and businesses throughout Staffordshire and Cheshire. They will be supporting us by providing information …Continue reading

21 Jan 2020


Mathsfest will take place on Tuesday 28th January and will be an exciting day for the whole school. The children will enjoy games and puzzles linked to Ten Town, to promote the Maths curriculum. This won’t be a dress-up day, …Continue reading

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