It is with great pleasure that we publish the Ofsted Report from the recent full Section 5 Inspection held in school on 29th and 30th April 2015.  We are delighted that we have been removed from Special Measures and awarded an overall grade of GOOD!

This judgement was based on the individual grades awarded for each of the five areas that were inspected, which are set out below with a summary of the findings:

  • Leadership & Management – Good

The Headteacher, senior leaders and interim executive board (governors) share a determination that every pupil will ‘be the best that they can be’.  The Headteacher is relentless in her drive for improvements in teaching and achievement and is strongly supported by highly effective senior leaders.  Leaders check the quality of teaching frequently and organise highly effective training for staff and, as a result, achievement has improved markedly.  The interim executive board is assiduous in holding school leaders to account for all aspects of their work, which adds considerable strength to the drive for improvements.

  • Behaviour & Safety – Good

Pupils’ behaviour is good.  Pupils get on well together, are well mannered and show an eagerness to come to school and learn.  They have plenty of opportunities to participate in the running of the school, which contributes to the strong ethos of ‘rights rather than rules’.  Incidents of poor behaviour are rare and when they do occur pupils say they are dealt with quickly and fairly.  The school’s work to keep pupils safe and secure is good, staff are vigilant in teaching pupils how to stay safe, including on the internet and pupils told the inspectors that there is always someone to go to if they are worried.  Incidents of bullying are extremely rare but if incidents do happen they are taken very seriously and dealt with quickly.  The Link Club provides a happy, safe and stimulating environment for all pupils to play and lean and expectations of behaviour match the high standards expected in school, which means that pupils benefit from the time spent there.

  • Quality of Teaching – Good

Teaching is good.  Teachers question effectively, have high expectations of pupils’ work and behaviour and are skilled at matching learning tasks to pupils’ different abilities and needs.  Teachers ensure that pupils are able to move on to more challenging tasks if they feel ready and classrooms are vibrant and welcoming.   Teachers provide helpful feedback to pupils and, as a result, they are clear about what they need to do to improve their work further and are eager to do so.

  • Achievement – Good

Pupils achieve well and make good progress in reading, writing and maths and many pupils make outstanding progress in reading and maths.  The curriculum offers pupils many memorable learning experiences and teachers plan effectively so that pupils use their skills in reading, writing and maths in many subjects.  High quality teaching has led to an increasing proportion of pupils in every class working at the higher levels.  Disabled pupils and those who have special educational needs make good progress from their different starting points.

  • Early Years – Good

Children in the early years foundation stage are receiving a good start to their school life.  Teachers plan creative activities that capture the children’s imagination, consequently they become enthusiastic learners.  Good leadership in the early years makes sure that children’s progress is reviewed regularly and arrangements for keeping children safe are highly effective.

We would like to take the opportunity to thank the amazing children at Priory, the teachers for their hard work and commitment over the last two years and to you, the parents and carers, for your invaluable support.

We can assure you that we will continue to be relentless in our drive to make further improvements and aim to be an outstanding school as soon as possible.

With very best wishes,

Miss Pam Keen                                                            Mrs Fiona Dumbelton

Headteacher                                                                Chair of Interim Executive Board

Following our removal from special measures, we received the following letter from Sir Michael Wilshaw, Her Majesty’s Inspector of Education:

Letter from Sir Michael Wilshaw

Parent View

All parents with children attending the school were given the opportunity to voice their opinions on several aspects of the school including performance and behaviour. The results of the survey are found here (http://parentview.ofsted.gov.uk/parent-view-results/survey/result/20775/current)

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