Upper Key Stage 2


Welcome to UKS2:

A phase full of answers to questions such as: ‘Space: is the future always in motion?’ ‘How do the fittest survive?’ ‘What can we learn from World War 2?’ And ‘What is the circle of life?’

In our phase, pupils further develop their roles and responsibilities at Priory: they become more independent, planning more of their own curriculum and taking their learning in the direction that they choose. They develop many new skills and have the opportunity to experience new situations, such as a real WW2 evacuation, a visit to Warner Brothers Studios to discover a world of magic, along with spending a week away at Kingswood.

In our phase we work hard, develop our skills and most importantly, have fun whilst we are doing it! Pupils should leave our phase with self-belief, determination and the confidence to face new challenges at high school.

Year 5

The children are welcomed to the wonderful world of Upper Key Stage 2 in Year 5, where they will begin to take on extra responsibilities and will be looked upon as role models by many of the other children in the school.  Throughout Year 5, children will experience dress-up days, visit amazing places such as Chester Zoo and even having the opportunity to visit ‘The Warner Brothers Studios’.  All of the learning that is encountered helps to build the children’s understanding and independence, as well as to prepare them for all that awaits in Year 6, including SATs.

Here is a list of the Year 5 Expectations for English and Maths.

Here is the Year 5 Curriculum Overview

Year 6

In year 6, we work hard to ensure that pupils can be the best that they can be in every way. We consolidate and review previous learning to enable pupils to do their best in their SATS (in May). Furthermore, through motivational speakers, additional responsibilities and trust, we further develop pupils’ independent skills to enable them to be as ready as possible for their transition to high school, a residential visit to Kingswood plays a big part in this.

A Glossary of Terms is available to help the children with their GPS and English SATS revision.

Pupils also have the chance to ‘tread the boards’ if they so wish in our summer musical. If they are less musically inclined, they can take a main role with creating props and scenery, ICT backgrounds, lighting etc.

Our year culminates with pupils’ graduation at The Prom, a spectacular evening for all involved and the leavers’ worship, where there is often not a dry eye in the house.

Here is a list of the Year 6 Expectations for English and Maths.

Here is the Year 6 Curriculum Overview

Year 5 Topics

Autumn 1, Space, is the future always in motion? (Science focus)

Children will blast off at the start of the year, with a super space topic.  Within this topic, children will explore what lies beyond our atmosphere. They will research the planets and our Solar System, discover how understanding and knowledge has changed through time and explore how our planets’ movement affects us.

Autumn 2, Could you solve the case? (Science focus)

Children will turn into CSI investigators/ detectives/ Secret Agents with a range of different investigations throughout the topic. We can’t give too many clues away here – the children will have to experience and discover it for themselves.

Spring 1, What is the circle of life? (Geography and Science focus)

In the words of Elton John, ‘The circle of life, it’s a wheel of fortune,’: this is true for our topic – the children will be studying humans and human growth along with that of many other animals, including mammals, insects, amphibians and reptiles (some of their choosing), looking at plants and their lifecycles and comparing and contrasting different species.  The children will learn a lot about themselves and the living things in the world around us.

Spring 2, Where in the World? (Science focus)

Where have you been?  Where do you want to go? From North to South, East to West, the children will discover some of the wonders of our world.  They will study mountains, rivers and the arctic regions, as well as looking what animals live in each location (linking with our last topic).

Summer 1 and 2, How have Ancient Civilizations impacted upon the wold? (History Focus)

Throughout this topic, children will be comparing the different historical periods to make a decision on which they believe had the biggest impact on the world.  They will also look at how these Ancient Civilisations still impact on us today – the thing that we can learn from them, the books that are inspired by them, along with many other magical mysteries.

Jayden- “Each time I hear someone say there is a holiday, I’m like ‘shucks’, I want to be at school.”

Elliot- “Year 5 is an enjoyable year, we have the choice to find our own level of learning.”

Rani-  “I feel lucky because our topics are fun and make me think about things in the future.” 

Macy- “In Year 5 we have lots of pets and animals that we can help to look after.”

Dyako- “We have lots of events in school that encourage us to bring our families.”

Summer- “At Priory we are never forced to do anything.”

Clarissa- “I love that ll of the lessons aren’t just fun, they are also educational.”

Ella- “I enjoy all of the resources in the classroom and I like break time because I can see my friends.”

Joe – 2014  “Our teacher is our talisman. He likes to enthral, capture and cajole.”

Year 6 Topics

Autumn 1, Why is technology wonderful? (Science Focus)

Children will start the year with a focus on technology and how the human body works. Within this topic the children will have a science focus on electricity, the human body and other animals and their anatomy.

Autumn 2, How do the fittest survive? (Science Focus)

Throughout this topic the children will focus on the works of Charles Darwin. The children will be working on classifying living things; focusing on Darwin’s findings and looking at how environments help shape us. They will be using the information acquired to then create their own superhero.

Spring 1, Spring 2 and Summer 1, What can we learn from World War 2? (History Focus)

Our most extensive topic, this topic focuses on WW2 and the impact that Stoke-on-Trent had in the war. Throughout this topic we will be focusing on many different aspects surrounding WW2. The children will be focusing on what sparked WW2, looking at the range of incidents leading up to the start of the war.

Children will also be focusing on the Blitz, looking at how the Nazis chose their targets and what the impact was on the local areas.

Ready to be evacuated? The children will be learning all about what it was like to be evacuated in WW2, taking part in an evacuation day in the process.

Summer 2, I’m a Year 6: can you get me out of here? (Geography Focus)

The last half-term as a Priory pupil.  Some children will be sad to be leaving; others will be desperate to break free.  But what is to come, where are they going and are they prepared?  Thinking about their current environment and the contrasting environment of the jungle, the children will need to think about their map reading skills and their geographical understanding.  This topic will also culminate with a fantastic (hopefully) production!

Amy- “In Year 6 we always have the opportunity to say what we want to say.”

Dinah- “We always try new things at Priory and we are always being helped to improve.”

Henri- “At Priory, we have loads of useful sports and activities such as football, rugby, cricket, netball, swimming, The Golden Mile and Sports Day.” 

Maisie- “Staff at Priory have given me more confidence.” 

Madaline- “Do I have to leave?” 

Chloe- “Our teacher has encouraged us never to give up- I don’t know what I would do without him!  

Tia- “Year 6 is roller-coaster, but with our teachers help we can achieve our goals!”

Charlotte- “Our Year 6 teachers are trying to prepare us for our SATs by helping us and letting us know that we just need to try our best.”  


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