Lower Key Stage 2


In Lower Key Stage 2 we continue the process of developing children’s social and educational progress. There is a focus on independent work, encouraging group and partnership working and developing working relationships with their peers. Basic skills are further embedded and new learning introduced to develop writing, maths and reading skills within the creative curriculum.

With inventive and enjoyable topics, in fabulous classroom environments, Lower Key Stage 2 is a fun, stimulating and enjoyable place to be.

Year 3

Welcome to Year 3 2016

In Year 3, the children undergo the transition from Key Stage 1. A focus on independence and a variety of fun topics make Year 3 a happy, positive place to be.

Beginning with an adventure with the Timelord himself, the children in Year 3 develop a wider understanding of the world and universe we live in.

We have recently introduced non-negotiable skills that children leaving a year group should be confident in using. These relate to Literacy and Mathematics skills.

The non-negotiables for Year 3 are here.

Year 4

In Year 4 the children are taken on a global learning challenge via Ancient Rome, under the sea, with a quick stop in Springfield for good measure. Learning is fun, exciting and focused on introducing the more complex elements of the Key Stage 2 curriculum, across all subjects.

With wonderful wow days, tremendous trips and a focus on developing a mature attitude to learning, Year 4 is a fabulous place to be.

We have recently introduced non-negotiable skills that children leaving a year group should be confident in using. These relate to Literacy and Mathematics skills.

Year 3 Topics

Autumn 1, Is it Possible to Travel Through Time?
(Science focus)

In this topic we channel the spirit and awesomeness of Doctor Who. Looking at scientific topics such as light, shadow and electricity we discover how the world we live in works and investigate the wonderful questions this throws up.

Autumn 2, How Vile were the Victorians?
(History focus)

Prior to the Christmas break, we look back at Britain as it was for the Victorians. We will research Victorian toys, famous Victorians and the great lady herself, Queen Victoria. We answer the question: would we want to have lived in Victorian Britain?

Spring 1, What makes the Earth angry?
(Geography focus)

In this explosive topic we see in the new year with a bang. Looking at the way that volcanoes and other natural phenomena work, we develop an understanding that the earth is not simply a lump of rock, but a bubbling, erupting, exploding mish mash of different rock types.

Spring 2, What was Life like for the Croods?
(History focus)

Making an enormous leap back in time, we look back at the life and ways of early man. We will be plotting their existence on a historical timeline, discovering their unusual customs and finding out how they developed into man as we know.

Summer 1, How can Usain Bolt move so quickly?
(Science focus)

Using the ‘Lightning Bolt’ as inspiration, we investigate the different skills and features of a range of different animals. We will be looking at diet and the processes of living creatures, the skeleton and muscle systems and at how we are all interconnected, relying on each other to maintain a habitat.

Summer 2, What have the Mayans done for us?
(History focus)

The marvellous Mayans is the focus of our final topic. We will investigate where they lived and their strange (and often gory) customs, religions and diet, comparing them to our own.

Rebecca – 2014  “I have enjoyed the last topic the most, which was the Mayans. Mr Beattie is very kind and has an interest in what we bring in”.

Summer – 2014 I enjoyed Year 3 because my teacher is very intelligent and he knows about everything

Tia – 2014  “I liked the trips we went on as they were fun and interesting.”

Year 4 Topics

Autumn 1 & 2, What made England so interesting to invaders?
(History focus)

In Autumn 1 we look at the invading Romans, Anglo-Saxons and Vikings and how they affected Britain around 2000 years ago. We compare them to the Celts with battle drama, creating shields and gladiator role play adding to the fun. 

Spring 1, Where would you choose to build your city?
(Geography focus)

In this topic we look at what a city needs to survive and flourish, planning and then building our own 3D city in our classes. We look at different cities around the world and their features, choose the best anthems for our own cities and work on newspapers reporting on incidents in our cities.

Spring 2, What Lies Beneath the Sea?
(Science focus)

Prepare for a voyage under the sea! We look into the wonderful creatures that live under the sea, from the terrifying sharks to the beautiful coral reefs. Understanding food chains, eco-systems and threats to sea life, this is a fantastic topic.

Summer 1, What happens to the food we eat?
(Science focus)

With an in depth look at the human digestion system and the types of food we eat, the Summer starts with a gross-out feel. We will also look at the different foods eaten through the ages and the functions of human teeth

Summer 2, Could You Cope Without TV?
(Science and ICT focus)

What a terrifying thought… In the final topic, we look at the different appliances that are controlled using electricity and the way that the electricity is conducted around them. We will be building our own electrical circuits. By looking at the prospect of a world without electricity, we think about the impact creating electricity has on our planet.

Zoe – 2014  “Year 4 is a place to enjoy, have fun and share learning.”

Lauren – 2014  “Here in Year 4 you will have a cracking, meeting new teachers and unmasking  those who you don’t know.”

Will – 2014  “Year 4 is a whole new level of fun.”

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