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At Priory we run a variety of after-school clubs to enrich the curriculum and children’s experience at the school.  The clubs are available across all Key Stages and range from sports clubs to art and drama. The clubs are provided either by teaching staff or outside agencies.

From September, we will be offering a range of new and exciting afterschool clubs, with Premier Sports:

Gymnastics (Reception to Year 6) From the basics of jumping and rolling to more advanced gymnastic moves, Premier Sport gym clubs are specifically designed to cater for children of all abilities. Premier gym kids develop agility and suppleness in exciting and creative lessons, which will give them the skills and confidence to express themselves through the many disciplines of gymnastics.   Attending our Gymnastics club will provide your child with a series of fun sessions to improve not just gymnastics skills, but also many other important assets in the process. Social skills and key motor skills are the successful by-products of the clubs we host. Premier Sport strives to ensure each club is a place for your child to find new friends, enjoy themselves, be rewarded for success, boost self-confidence and obtain an active and healthy lifestyle.

Martial Arts (Year 3 to Year 6) Our Martial Arts clubs provides an opportunity for the children to experience a blend of several different martial art sports such as Taekwondo, Tai Chi, Judo, Jujitsu, Kickboxing & Karate, in a fun and safe environment. Combining both physical fitness and mental stimulation, Premier Sport Martial Arts helps to develop and improve co-ordination, balance, flexibility, agility, discipline, concentration, team work and leadership skills. Children will learn about self-defence and stranger awareness with the emphasis on fun and enjoyment. Premier Sport Martial Arts clubs are designed to cater for children of all abilities.

Bubble Sports (Reception to Year 2 and Year 3 to Year 6) A chance for your child to try their hand at something NEW – BUBBLE SPORTS! The children will try a different sport every week, with a twist! They will experience a brand new sensation of performing while being encased inside a bubble. From performing gymnastic rolls, bubble football and human skittles, they are taught a range of different skills each week. Whatever their ability, Bubble Sports will give your child the chance to discover and enjoy an alternative sport while developing their skills towards becoming an all-round sports performer. Premier Sport sessions provide the perfect introduction to the sport. Our highly-qualified coaches deliver fun sessions, allowing your child to enhance the skills and techniques which are vital towards successful short and long term athletic development. Premier Sport strives to ensure each club is a place for your child to find new friends, enjoy themselves, be rewarded for success, boost self-confidence and obtain an active and healthy lifestyle.

Cheerleading (Reception to Year 2) Cheerleading is popular in many countries around the world, with groups at all levels, and specialises in different aspects of Cheerleading. The aim is to raise the level of encouragement and support for the home team and can trace their origins as a leadership group, promoting enthusiasm, positive attitudes and community spirit. This class incorporates stunting, tumbling, lifts and jumps to provide an exciting and fun environment. Cheerleading involves so many activities and tricks. Your child will discover how to create routines that involve jumping, dancing and of course’ cheers! Make no mistake this is an intense physical activity. Developing a three minute routine requires real concentration and effort, but it is very rewarding. Learning about teamwork and coordination, and having great fun too, your child will get a real buzz from delivering a polished performance. Most of all it’s fun! Get your child in step with this brilliant way to learn and have lots of fun.

The Premier Sports clubs will run for 6 weeks from the week commencing Monday 11th September to the week ending Friday 20th October, except Cheerleading which will be 5 weeks due to staff training on Friday 6th October.

If you are unsuccessful at booking a place for your child for the first half term, you will have the chance to book again for the second half term and throughout the year. Letters for Autumn 2 clubs will be sent out during Autumn 1.

Our teachers will be running the following clubs:

 Funky Phonics (Reception to Year 2) Fun, phonics and a little bit of dancing at phonics club!

Table Tennis (Years 3 and 4) Table Tennis Club provides a fun opportunity for the children to improve their hand-eye co-ordination and to try out a new sport.

Science (Years 5 and 6) Our Science Club will be full of exciting experiments for our super scientists.

Computing (Year 3 to Year 6) A fun and exciting club where the children will learn coding, animating, video-editing and more.

Crazy Cookery (Reception to Year 2) A fun and exciting cookery club.

 The above clubs will run for 10 weeks from the week commencing Monday 11th September 2017 until the week ending Friday 13th October and from the week commencing Monday 6th November to the week ending Friday 8th December.

We will also be offering the Songbirds Club for Years 1 to 3. This provides the children the opportunity to enjoy singing in a fun environment and perform together in concerts.

Songbirds will run for 11 weeks from Monday 11th September to Monday 4th December. They will take part in a concert on Wednesday 29th November at The Victoria Hall.

Aut 1 Club Timetable 2017-18

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