Key Stage 1


Key Stage 1 (Years 1 and 2) aims to build on the solid foundations established within the Early Years, move the children forwards while preparing them for Key Stage 2. The staff work together and spend time with the children to ensure that they get to know your child, their interests and where they are at in their personal learning journey.

Year 1

In Year 1 we develop and encourage children’s independence. At the start of the year we reflect the Early Years Foundation Stage ethos to support the children in a smooth transition. As the year progresses, we move towards a more formal approach securing the children’s basic skills.

We have recently introduced non-negotiable skills that children leaving a year group should be confident in using. These relate to Literacy and Mathematics skills.

Here is a list of the Year 1 expectations for English and Maths.

Here is the Year 1 Curriculum Overview

Year 2

Year 2 continue to foster the children’s independence. We love learning through our half termly topics which are linked across the curriculum including Literacy and Numeracy, where possible. Building on the foundations made in Year 1 we ensure the children’s basic skills in Literacy and Numeracy are firmly embedded ready for Key Stage 2.

We have recently introduced non-negotiable skills that children leaving a year group should be confident in using. These relate to Literacy and Mathematics skills.

Here is a list of the Year 2 expectations for English and Maths.

Here is the Year 2 Curriculum Overview

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Year 1 Topics

[box color=”blue” icon=”star”]Autumn 1, Who am I? (Science focus)

We learn about parts of the body, growing, changing and life cycles, including senses and the environment. We discover our likes and dislikes and what is special about us. [/box]

[box color=”blue” icon=”star”]Autumn 2, Are my toys better than my grandparents’ toys? (History focus)

We explore different toys, old and new and think about how toys have changed over time. Thinking about what is different, we explore a range of new toys. Grandparents shall be invited into school for a Games Console WOW day, so be prepared to get your gaming hands ready![/box]

[box color=”blue” icon=”star”]Spring 1, Are you an Al-Hakawati? (Geography focus)

The children learn about Arabia and the traditional tales from this area. They have the chance to explore texts and the topic is led by a range of stories. [/box]

[box color=”blue” icon=”star”]Spring 2, What makes explorers brave? (History focus)

Throughout this topic we focus on exploration and what this means. We look at a variety of explorers, what they have done and why they have succeeded.[/box]

[box color=”blue” icon=”star”]Summer 1, Could you survive in the Savannah? (Geography focus)

We find out about safari holidays, African animals, and tribal cultures including clothing, masks and music. We have the chance to think about different countries and what it would be like to live there. [/box]

[box color=”blue” icon=”star”]Summer 2, Why do we love to be beside the seaside? (Geography focus)

We explore the seaside, past and present, looking at geographical features and how these have changed.[/box]

Zac- [quote type=”medium” align=”center”] “The school dinners are amazing, especially the burgers!”[/quote]

Ayat- [quote type=”medium” align=”center”] “I love my teachers, they care about me.”[/quote]

Alexie-[quote type=”medium” align=”center”] “We have lots of equipment to play with on the play ground.” [/quote]

Natalia- [quote type=”medium” align=”center”] “The best thing about year 1 is we go on exciting trips and have lots of fun!” [/quote]

George- [quote type=”medium” align=”center”] “I like the stories we read and the actions we learn.” [/quote]

Archie- [quote type=”medium” align=”center”] “The best thing about Year 1 is we have lots of fun and work hard!” [/quote]


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Year 2 Topics

[box color=”blue” icon=”star”]Autumn 1, Who lives in a habitat like this? (Science focus)

Starting with a trip to Chester Zoo, we look at the habitats for different animals, why they live there and what they need to survive.[/box]

[box color=”blue” icon=”star”]Autumn 2, Where in the world will Barnaby go? (Geography focus)

Barnaby Bear jets off around the world visiting different countries to find out about the weather, local jobs and lifestyles. We will also be busy preparing our Christmas Concert.[/box]

[box color=”blue” icon=”star”]Spring 1, What makes Stoke special? (History focus)

In this topic we will find out what makes Stoke a special place and the history behind the Pottery industry. We are hoping to experiment with clay and meet a local potter.[/box]

[box color=”blue” icon=”star”]Spring 2, How can we perfect the Potteries? (Geography focus)

During this topic we will be thinking about how we can improve the area in which we live, this will involve designing a new facility for our local area.[/box]

[box color=”blue” icon=”star”]Summer 1, Why was London burning? (History focus)

Through exploring the local area we learn about its history and local wildlife.[/box]

[box color=”blue” icon=”star”]Summer 2, How amazing is our Capital city? (Geography focus)

A trip to London will start this exciting look at the famous landmarks of our capital city. We will then compare London to Stoke – on – Trent.[/box]

Ella- [quote type=”medium” align=”center”] “We learn new things that we didn’t know before, like Samson’s Titanic Journey.” [/quote]

Maya- [quote type=”medium” align=”center”] “I love Priory. I was the Rockstar Times Table champion.” [/quote]

Priscilla- [quote type=”medium” align=”center”] “In English we get to write stories.” [/quote]

Grace- [quote type=”medium” align=”center”] “Science is fun because we get to investigate if things float or sink.” [/quote]

Amirah- [quote type=”medium” align=”center”] “I like Maths because we get to learn about money.” [/quote]

Seb- [quote type=”medium” align=”center”] “I like computing because we get to use ipads and laptops, and we get to play games use the ‘book creator’ app.” [/quote]


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