Key Stage 1


Key Stage 1 

Welcome to Key Stage One. Our team are very proud of our Phase and the children in our cohorts.  

About KS1: 

Key Stage 1 (Years 1 and 2) aims to build on the solid foundations established within the Early Years, developing the children’s independence and their love of learning through a rich and inspiring curriculum. We explore a variety of exciting child led topics which enhance children’s learning experience. Our staff work together and spend time with the children to ensure that they get to know your child, their interests and where they are at in their personal learning journey.  

Year 1 

In Year 1 we develop and encourage children’s independence. At the start of the year we reflect the Early Years Foundation Stage ethos to support the children in a smooth transition. Our children have a robust learning experience, which is underpinned with continuous provision and a range of guided workshops. Through facilitation in our outdoor learning area children experience Year One objectives through a range of child led and carefully planned, facilitated activities. The learning taking place outside, mirrors the learning that is taking place in the indoor classroom environment. As the year progresses, we move towards a more formal approach, securing the children’s basic skills and allowing them to develop into independent learners, ready for year 2.  

Here are the non-negotiable skills that children learn to develop throughout Year 1. These relate to English and Mathematics skills. 

Year 1 Expectations for English and Maths. 

Year 2 

In Year 2 continue we to build on the foundations from previous years, developing the independence of our children. We promote and provide a variety of different and exciting learning opportunities which are child centred, inspiring and based on the Year 2 curriculum objectives. Children access a range of continuous provision to enable them to secure and embed their basic skills. Through a broad and balanced curriculum, children explore, learn and develop a variety of Key Knowledge Points whilst deepening their understanding of their personality and talents.  

Here are the non-negotiable skills that children learn to develop throughout Year 2. These relate to English and Mathematics skills. 

Year 2 Expectations for English and Maths. 

If you would like more information about our Key Stage One provision, please contact our Key Stage 1 Leader, Mrs A Bloor, via or 01782 233 585. 

Year 1 Topics

Autumn 1, Who am I? 

As we settle into Year 1, we think about ourselves and what makes us special. We talk about personalities and talents, our families and the things that we love. We explore our senses and we even make gingerbread men as part of learning.

Autumn 2, Are my toys better than my grandparents’ toys? 

Starting off with a trip to the Black Country Museum, we really explore life in the past. We look at a variety of toys, old and new, allowing the children to see the changes of the times. We get a Christmas feel in our roleplay and children are invited into our Christmas shop to roleplay buying items to fill those sacks for Santa.

Spring 1, Are you an Al-Hakawati? 

Children are always keen to learn what this means. Through a range of Arabian stories, children are immersed into their learning journey and get to make a woven flying carpet. We even have a food tasting day. Yummy!

Spring 2, Could you survive in the Savannah? 

Cheetahs, leopards and animals galore are found in this topic. We find out about: safari animals, African clothing, masks and music. We have the chance to think about different countries and what it would be like to live there.

Summer 1, How does your garden grow?

Throughout this topic we learn how to become keen gardeners. We explore different plants, flowers and we eat the produce that we grow. You will often find us planting and looking after the things that we are growing each day. How amazing!

Summer 2, Why do we like to be beside the seaside? 

With a fish and chip feast, children get an all-round seaside experience. We look at the seaside past and present, visit a seaside town and look at how the features of towns have changed.

Year 2 Topics

Autumn 1 / 2 Who lives in a habitat like this? 

Running throughout the term, children have chance to really explore animals and the habitats in which they live. Starting with a trip to Chester Zoo, children are immersed in their learning and explore: food chains, a range of scientific learning and experiments and lots of learning about our world. Through art, we make a range of pieces in the style of well-known artists. We look at different continents and countries, embedding previous knowledge.

Spring 1, What makes Stoke special? 

We are proud of the Potteries and our children are too. Looking at a range of potter makers such as: Emma Bridgewater, Doulton and Wedgewood. Our trip means that children get the real life experience of a kiln and they get to make their own piece of pottery to treasure forever. We love learning about our canals, famous people that have come from Stoke and we may even learn a Robbie Williams song! How exciting! 

Spring 2, How can we perfect the Potteries? 

During this topic we look at our famous football teams: Stoke City and Port Vale. Children love our football themed day and we even get to make oatcakes. We hold a year 2 football match and really immerse ourselves in how we could design and make things which would be improvements to our city.  

Summer 1, Why is London burning? 

This topic is full of history! We think about the Great Fire of London and what the times were like. We explore firefighters through the years, taste freshly baked bread out of the oven and build our houses in a Tudor style. Through looking at significant individuals from the past, we learn all about Samuel Pepys and what his life was like through his diary entries.  

Summer 2, What makes our capital city amazing? 

Bright lights, big city! We look at all things in London in this amazing topic. From theatres to the Thames, The eye to the Tower bridge, our children get a real Capital City experience. We compare London to Stoke- on – Trent, thinking about changes that we would like to make.  

Harry “I love learning all about Science. We think about different investigations and I really liked think about what material would be best for making the Titanic. Science is just so cool!”

Gracie – “My favourite subject is Maths. We get to use math boxes full of manipulatives to help us and I really like pushing myself to get to Mastery. When I make a mistake, it helps me to learn.”

Nathaniel I love to learn Science. We do amazing experiments and I know lots about materials.

Ava “I like all of the stories that we read in English. It is so good when we compare Authors and look at how they make us what to read their stories. I am very proud of my writing for the tunnel. “

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