Update: Tuesday 12th December

Our site staff and a team of helpers have worked hard to improve the school site. As a result, school should be open tomorrow. The forecast is that there will be very low temperatures overnight, so ice remains a hazard and I urge you to please take care.
The carpark and drive up to school are likely to be very icy in the morning. We recommend parking nearby and walking to school rather than driving onto the site.
Paths have been cleared from Jubilee Road to the main Early Years entrance and All Stars. A path has also been cleared from the New Inn Lane entrance to the main front door. These will be the only two open entrances to school, others will be closed. Please only walk on the cleared paths.
Use the closest entrance for all your children, staff will ensure they go to the right classes safely once they are inside.  We will open the doors at around 8:30am to ease congestion and staff will be available outside to guide you. Hopefully at the end of the day we will be able to open exits as usual. If this is not possible we’ll send further information.
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