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Relationships between staff and children, and between children and each other, are based on Our Rights Respecting School approach.  This ethos is centred on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948, and has as its premise the fact that all children have the right to learn and be treated with respect and to be listened to.  It is everybody’s responsibility within school to respect these rights.

We have high expectations of children’s behaviour:  we value and reward pupils for doing things right. Our positive reinforcement of appropriate behaviour is appreciated by pupils, teachers and parents.  We teach behaviour management in class – teachers discuss collective responsibility to respect each other’s rights.

Each class has a democratically elected member of the RRS squad who makes crucial decisions about how we implement RRS within the school. This can be based on communication of the rights of the child or picking positive displays of rights respecting to be rewarded.

Our RRS Squad for 2019-20 is Evie-Grace, Liam, Isabelle, Summer-Rose, Ruby, Maya, Archie and Rosa.

Each week a teacher selects a pupil who has demonstrated the use or respect of the chosen school rights:

  • The right to be safe and healthy
  • The right to take part in activities, play and rest
  • The right to receive special help if it is needed
  • The right to develop our personalities and talents
  • The right to help make important decisions

Secrets of Success

At Priory CE Primary School we are having a school wide focus on teaching the children to be successful and reflective learners. We teach the Secrets of Success by Chris Quigley to help our children in their behaviour, attitudes and values.

What is success?

Success isn’t just about money. It is about happiness, choices and feeling good about yourself. Successful people feel good about:

  • How hard they have tried.
  • Who they are.
  • What they spend their time doing.
  • The choices they have in their lives.

Here are some things everyone should know

  • You are not born successful.
  • Everyone has setbacks and failures.
  • The first step to success is choosing.

The 8 Secrets of Success are:

1. Try new things

Try new things

If children are willing to try new things, they may just find something they are good at. Even better than this, they may find something that they love doing. Most successful people love what they do.

2. Work hard

Work hard

We have designed a curriculum that is attractive and fun for our children. Alongside this we have planned activities that will make our children work hard. No real success comes without hard work.

3. Concentrate


Successful people learn to give their full attention to whatever they are doing. Allowing our children to focus on things that interest them, whilst at the same time learning all of the content that is required, this is a great way to secure engagement.

4. Push yourself

Push yourself

Successful people need to push themselves. Our curriculum pushes our children and teaches them about the need to push themselves. Of course, it is much easier to push yourself if you see the point to what you are doing. That is why our curriculum is engaging and relevant for our children.

5. Imagine


Successful people have ideas. They use their imagination and are prepared to be wrong. Our curriculum has lots of opportunities for our children to use their imagination.

6. Improve


Real accomplishment does not come from doing something once and moving on. It comes from lots of tweaks and refinements. Successful people are always trying to improve what they do. Our curriculum gives the children the opportunity to improve their work in many ways e.g. through Fix It time.

7. Understand others

Understand others

No one has experienced success by thinking about themselves. Successful people understand others. Our curriculum helps the children to realise that collaboration is what the real world is about.

8. Don’t give up

Don't give up

Our curriculum has a certain degree of danger and risk so that the children are experiencing the real world. They have opportunities to fail in a safe environment and learn to have another go.


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