Rainbow Lorikeet Reunited with Owner


We have excellent news!

After just 20 hours and over 10,000 shares on Facebook, we have reunited the beautiful Rainbow Lorikeet with Ben from Wild Zoological Park in Woverhampton. She escaped two days ago during feeding time and they are absolutely delighted to have her back.

She didn’t have a name, so they have let us name her: Bluebow – chosen by Susan and her family, who so kindly looked after her last night and by Miss Burgess who caught her yesterday and promptly fell in love.

If you would like to visit Bluebow, she lives in a flock of 20 birds at https://www.wildzoo.co.uk/ – I know I’ll be taking my little one this Summer!

What a happy ending to the story, well done #TeamPriory

#TeamPrioryRocks 🌈🦜 🥰

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