Accelerated Reader ‘Word Millionaires’


We are pleased to announce that this year our Accelerated Reader ‘Word Millionaires’ will be sponsored by Tinsdills Solicitors, a local firm who support individuals, families and businesses throughout Staffordshire and Cheshire. They will be supporting us by providing information to our pupils about the work that solicitors do and career opportunities in Law, as well as funding our Word Millionaire prizes.

To become a Word Millionaire, pupils have to read one million words and pass the relevant Accelerated Reader quizzes.  Any children who have achieved this by 3rd July 2020 will receive a certificate, a trip to Tindsdills’ Hanley office to meet our sponsors and a visit to Waterstones to choose a book. There will also be certificates for the class with the highest word count overall and the class with the most improved average reading age at the end of the year. Happy reading!

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